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Getting involved:


There are two important ways to become stewards of Mission Hill’s natural area:


The first is by picking up trash when you see it on your walks in these sites.  Plastics are the worst because they degrade into smaller and smaller pieces and poison the soil.

The second way of contributing is by cutting and/or removing the two most aggressive invasive plants:  Black swallow-wort and Oriental bittersweet vine.  The swallow-wort has deep roots that usually can’t be pulled out.  Removing it at its base won’t kill the plant, but will slow it down.  After July remove plants and seed pods from the site.  Smaller oriental bittersweet can be pulled from its roots, otherwise cut near its base.  Plants captured by the vine can be cut free.

If you would like to help with maintenance efforts in Mission Hill’s natural areas please send me an email at  Work done is based on a holistic vision that has the goal of promoting bird and wildlife habitat and diversity of fauna.  Some invasive species like Multi flora rosa can be beneficial to birds and wild life while discouraging human activity.  Please contact me to discuss ideas and concerns you may have 617-447-6086

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