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2020 Looking back on Mission Hill Natural Areas

Mclaughlin Woodlands

Tree blow downs were frequent. The Black locust forest on the Meadow/Parker hilltop south facing slope has been severely affected. Photo December 2020

The 83 Trees on Mission Hill planting project was maintained. Six replacement trees will be planted in the fall of 2021.

Controlling Black Swallow-wort continues to be time intensive effort.

Black swallow-wort flowers. June 2020

Black swallow-wort pods from which will come wind-borne seeds. July 2020

Raspberries on Fisher Ave April 2020

An Elderberry patch was planted! October 2020

The Meadow/Parker hilltop:

Control of vines is an ongoing effort. Wild grape growth is very intensive. A fallen Black locust has blocked access to a commonly used pathway up to the Meadow from the dirt road on south facing slope side. This has made the coyotes happy!

Pine sisters on the Meadow February 2020

An unwanted, looming shadowy presence on the Meadow December 2020

Back of the Hill urban wild:

Tall old ash trees were cut at the base of the site behind the apartments running from Colburn to Heath. This was done by the management of the apartments. The cutting was not indiscriminate. The trees were dead or compromised and a legitimate risk to apartment buildings. March 2020

Its hard terrain on the Back of the Hill, the slope is intensely steep. American elm and Black locust rule these slopes.

April 2020

A Sassafras colony thrives on the Back of the Hill. May 2020

Iroquois woods:

People Making a Difference joined us in October for a clean up of the sidewalk on Iroquois St. and control of invasives.

May apple colonies are thriving at Iroquois woods. May 2020

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