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Tree planting in the maple grove at McLaughlin Woodlands

We’re calling this area maple grove because of the 4 Sugar maples and 3 Red maples planted here in the early 2000’s as part of a Boston Parks capital improvement program.  The biggest of the Sugar maples didn’t leaf out in Spring 2023.  It was hit hard in the 2022 drought, and probably could not support its large canopy.  In the summer the area around and underneath became a no-growth zone.  We cut the tree down on November 5, and on November 18, five Mission Hill Green members planted 10 Red oaks, 2 Ginkgos, and a Pin oak in the area.  Limbs and branches from the tree were intentionally placed parallel to the slope to control erosion, discourage foot traffic, and improve soil conditions.  The main trunk was left standing for wild life habitat.  All trees were protected from rabbits by ~18” chicken wire fencing.  They will be numbered and mapped.  Trees were donated by Zara Zsido.  Some additional planting in the area will occur in 2024.


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